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ISO 3183:2007
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Steel pipe for pipeline transportation systems. - 2nd edition.

Classification: 75.200-40-40 Line pipes and fittings (see also 77.140.75)
77.140.75 Steel pipes and tubes for specific use (including hollow steel bars and sections for construction, see also 23.040.10)
Responsible TC/SC/WG: ISO/TC67/SC2/WG16
Project Leader: F.Christensen, J.Hammond
Members: M.Armengol, A.Baryshnikov, C.Cappelli, R.Dearden, G.Demofonti, P.Fallouey, A.Friedrich, J.M.Godoy, S.T.Guttormsen, J.Jansen, R.B.Johansen, G.Kohut, Y.Kusaka, J.Oude Hengel, D.Paquet, B.Persson, C.M.Spinelli, G.Wilken, H.J.Zimmermann
Current status: Withdrawn
Short description: This International Standard specifies requirements for the manufacture of two product specification levels (PSL 1 and PSL 2) of seamless and welded steel pipes for use in pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industries.
This International Standard is not applicable to cast pipe.
The major achievement of this revision of ISO 3183 is that it constitutes a merger between the old revision and API 5L. Hence, hopefully the industry may now use the same standard for line pipe in the US and the rest of the world.
152 pp.

Normative references: Open the list
Other related standards: API Spec 5L:2007, DNV-OS-F101:2007, EN 10208-1:1997, EN 10208-2:1996, GOST 5639, GOST 1778, GOST 5640, GOST 5657, GOST ISO 3183:2012, GOST R ISO 3183:2009, GSO ISO 3183:2008, ISO 3183:2012, ISO 3183-1:1996, ISO 3183-2:1996, ISO 3183-3:1999, ST RK ISO 3183:2011, ST RK ISO 3183:2011, STB ISO 3183:2009
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Reference number: 5805
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Revision and voting programme:
  10.20/NWIP 20.20/WD 30.20/CD 40.20/DIS 50.20/FDIS 60.60/IS
planned start            
actual start 2003-01-29   2004-08-16 2005-04-28 2006-09-21  
actual end 2003-04-29 2004-04-30 2004-11-16 2005-09-28 2006-11-21 2007-03-15

Comments: 1) ISO NWIP 245 and API WGI 4183. Revision of ISO 3183-1:1996, ISO 3183-2:1996 and ISO 3183-3:1999
2) Adopted by API as API Spec 5L:2007, by RU as GOST R ISO 3183:2009, by EASC as GOST ISO 3183:2012, by KZ as ST RK ISO 3183:2011, by BY as STB ISO 3183:2009.
3)WG 16 shall prepare a new edition of 3183, parts 1, 2 and 3, combined into a single document and harmonized with any approved revisions of API Specification 5L.
4) SC 2 agrees to WG 16 proposal to allow use of decimal points in quantities expressed in USC units in the revision of ISO 3183 (Resolution N292, Oslo 20-21/05/2003).
5) ECISS was balloted the Questionnaire on possible replacement of EN 10208-1 and EN 10208-2 by revised ISO 3183. It was accepted (France, Germany and Sweden balloted NO).
6) SC2 resolution 343, London, 2006. Noting resolution 331 and the current ISO 3183 status, ISO/TC 67/SC 2 requests the API SC 5 to hold the adopt-back ballot at the same time as the 2 months ISO/FDIS ballot and to publish the adopted-back API document preferably at the same time as the ISO standard.
7) FDIS was approved (95%) with one negative vote (Sveden).
8) CEN/TC 12 regrets the negative European results of the parallel FDIS/FV on prEN ISO 3183.
CEN/TC 12 requests its secretariat to request ECISS/TC 29 SC2 to modify the scope of EN 10208-2, with scope exclusion along the lines “Activities related to drilling, production, refining and the transport by pipelines of the petroleum and natural gas industry are excluded from the scope of this EN Standard.”
In addition, CEN/TC 12 requests its secretariat to request ECISS/TC 29 SC2 to submit a revised prEN ISO 3183 document, with a scope exclusion along the lines “This EN Standard is limited to all activities related to drilling, production, refining and the transport by pipelines of the petroleum and natural gas industry and not applicable to onland supply systems used by the gas supply industry.”
CEN/TC 12 informs ECISS/TC 29 SC2 that its objective is to create EN ISO 3183 as the following revision, based on EN 10208-1 : 1997, EN 10208-2 : 1998 and ISO 3183 : 2007. (CEN/TC12 Resolution 19, Buchrest - 2007)
CEN/TC 12 requests ISO/TC 67 SC2 to start as soon as possible a revision process for ISO 3183. The objective of this revision process would be to react to the late comments received from the Gas supply Industry and to achieve full harmonisation and a unified standard that is acceptable for gas pipelines on land. (CEN/TC12 Resolution 20, Bucharest - 2007).
9) Resolution 5 of a meeting of ECISS TC29 on 15th March 2007 reads: “TC29 recommends that ECISS TC29 / SC2 shall launch an enquiry offering the following options:
1. modifying the scope of ISO 3183:2007, restricting this to petroleum and natural gas exploration and production industries and modifying EN 10208 Parts 1 and 2, restricting the scope by excluding petroleum and natural gas exploration and production industries.
2. modifying EN 10208 Parts 1 & 2 excluding petroleum and natural gas exploration and production industries and not proceeding with adoption, as a European standard, of ISO 3183, even if with modified scope.
TC29 recommends to adopt the second option ”
10) The API ballot on FDIS 3183 resulted in a strong affirmative vote to adopt ISO 3183 as the 44th edition of API 5L subject to some unique API requirements which could not be incorporated ISO Standard 3183 being written into normative Annex N (national adopt-back annex) and Annex O (specifying API unique marking and monogram requirements). API Spec 5L:2007 is the national modified adoption of this standard (MOD). Adopted in Russia as GOST R ISO 3183:2011 and included in the EASC 2011 adoption programm.
11) SC2 Resoluton 352, Doha 2007.
ISO/TC 67/SC 2 thanks and congratulates Mr John Hammond, Convenor of WG 16 and the members of WG 16 together with Mr George Kohut, Chairman of API WG 4183 and the members of WG 4183 on their work leading to the successful harmonization of ISO 3183 with API 5L and the recent publication of ISO 3183:2007 and anticipated publication of API 5L /ISO 3183 later this year.
12) WG report to the SC2 plenary meeting in Delft, 2010.
ISO 3183:2007 became due for review on 15 March 2010 and is recommended for revision. API have to date published an errata document and first and second addenda to the 44th Edition of API 5L. Recent initiatives in USA by the US Government Department of Transportation - Pipeline Hazardous Materials and Safety Administration (DOT-PHMSA) have been addressed by API Sub-Working Groups (SWG) who have included members of ISO TC67/SC2-WG16. The recommendations of these sub-working groups will be balloted by API and are expected to be adopted in a future API 5L and published as a future Addendum 3. The ISO WG members who were also involved with this initiative hold the opinion that the proposed enhancements of API 5L should be adopted in a revised ISO 3183. Some API letter balloted items have been published as amendments to the 44th edition of API 5L resulting in temporary deharmonisation with ISO 3183:2007 and plans to re-harmonise in the short term and longer term future are under consideration. It is also hoped to consider unique technical requirements of the European gas industry for inclusion in the next edition of ISO 3183, probably as a “Gas Annex” or as a “European Gas Annex”.
13) Under systematic review with deadline 2010-06-15. Advice secretariat and WG 16 convenor: Amendment to be published, 2010 + 36 months Revision to be started.
15) Revised as ISO 3183:2012.

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