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ISO 17776:2000
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Offshore production installations - Guidelines on tools and techniques for hazard identification and risk assessment. - 1st edition

Classification: 75.180.10-70-10 Offshore structures and equipment for petroleum and natural gas industries (see also 47.020)
Responsible TC/SC/WG: ISO/TC67/SC6/WG1
Project Leader: J.E.Vinnem
Members: P.Blotto, L.Frattini
Current status: Active
Short description: It describes some of the principal tools and techniques that are commonly used for the identification and assessment of hazards associated with offshore oil and gas exploration and production activities, including seismic and topographical surveys, drilling and well operations, field development, operations, decommissioning and disposal together with the necessary logistical support of each of these activities. It provides guidance on how these tools and techniques can be used to assist in development of strategies both to prevent hazardous events and to control and mitigate any events that may arise.
This standard is applicable to fixed offshore structures and floating production, storage and off-take systems for the petroleum and natural gas industries. It is not applicable to design and construction aspects of mobile offshore units that fall under the jurisdiction of the International Maritime Organization. It is not intended to be used as part of certification criteria, and no defect in the management of risks should be inferred if any of the tools and techniques covered by this standard are not applied to an installation.
65 pp.

Normative references:
Other related standards: API RP 14J:1993, DEP, EN ISO 17776:2002, EEMUA Publ 160:1989, GOST R ISO 17776:2010, GOST R ISO 17776:2012, ISO 17776, ST RK ISO 17776:2004
Referenced in standards: Open the list

Reference number: 3065
Related documents:

Revision and voting programme:
  10.20/NWIP 20.20/WD 30.20/CD 40.20/DIS 50.20/FDIS 60.60/IS
planned start            
actual start            
actual end           2000-10-17

Comments: 1) Translated in Russian. Adopted in KZ as ST RK ISO 17776:2004. Adopted in RU as GOST R ISO 17776:2010 and GOST R ISO 17776:2012. Proposed to include in the 2008 EASC program for harmonization. In progress for adoption by China. DEP is the corporate adoption of this standard in Shell.
2) The systematic review ballot with the deadline: 2005-06-30. It is recommended by Norway to revise. The standard was confirmed by majority (2 against 9).
3) SC6 resolution 580 (Astana, 2011). ISO/TC 67/SC 6 requests WG 1 to reissue or merge ISO 17776 with NORSOK Z-013 and rename it "Guidelines on tools and techniques for process related hazard identification and risk assessment".
4) Under revision as ISO 17776.

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