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ISO 13628-7
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Design and operation of subsea production systems - Part 7: Completion/workover riser systems. - 2nd edition.

Classification: 75.180.10-70-20 Subsea equipment for petroleum and natural gas industries
77.140.75 Steel pipes and tubes for specific use (including hollow steel bars and sections for construction, see also 23.040.10)
Responsible TC/SC/WG: ISO/TC67/SC4/WG6
Project Leader: A.Muff
Current status: NWIP
Short description: Harmonise 13628-7 with API Documents (API RP 17G --> API Spec 17G) in a six part effort:
1. Move the IWOCS clause (section) in the document to an Annex and expand scope to be the master document reference for subsequent well intervention documents with IWOCS variations. Joint ISO/API with lead from ISO
2. Add equipment test frequency and well control strategy clause (section) (or Annex), similar to NORSOK D-010 and D-002 as it applies to completion and workover riser equipment. Joint ISO/API with lead from API
3. Clarify text and requirements to highlight tubing hanger running string and horizontal tree landing string as similar intervention devices. Joint ISO/API with lead from API. Joint ISO/API with lead from API
4. Create a standard set of nomenclature of equipment that can be used across completion workover riser configurations, and later used by subsequent welling intervention documents. Joint ISO/API with lead from API.
5. Review Subsea Test Tree Manufacturing Requirements (Spec 14A) and determine if more is needed and should be placed in 13628-7 requirements. Joint ISO/API with lead from API.
6. Clarify entire text (i.e. clarify "shoulds" and "shalls") of 13628-7 to bring the document up from "recommended practice" status to "specification" status. Joint ISO/API with lead from both ISO and API.
Note: This effort is independent from the NWI to issue a supplement that corrects published errors in the current revision of 13628-7. ISO lead with review by API

Normative references:
Other related standards: API RP 17G:2006, ISO 13628-7:2005
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Reference number: 0
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Revision and voting programme:
  10.20/NWIP 20.20/WD 30.20/CD 40.20/DIS 50.20/FDIS 60.60/IS
planned start     2009-09-01 2010-01-01 2010-07-01 2010-12-01
actual start 2009-01-29          
actual end 2009-04-30          

Comments: 1) Revision of ISO 13628-7:2005.
Reflects subcommittee 17 (API) and ISO WG-6 intent to augment IWOCS section, address regulatory concerns about lack of equipment testing protocols, and desire to move 13628-7 to "specification" status. Work will be jointly undertaken by 13628-7 and API 17G task groups.
These topics have been thoroughly discussed at several joint API/ISO subcommittee meetings over the last two years. IWOCS and other well intervention technologies are making an impact on the industry and 13628-7 needs to be revised to allow these future documents toreference 13628-7 where appropriate. Regulatory bodies have also expressed concern that well intervention equipment doesn't have the same well control and test protocol as is found in drilling BOP documents (API 16) and have been lobbying for well control and test protocols be added to 13628-7.
The scope of this NWI is for additions and augmentations; technical changes or the intent of the document or its covered hardware systems is not envisaged.
2) Resolution 18 (Stavanger, 2011). ISO/TC 67/SC 4 requests that ISO CS extend the timeline of ISO 13628-7 by 1 year due to the global business needs for this information.

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