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ASTM D974:2006
Standard Test Method for Acid and Base Number by Color-Indicator Titration.

Classification: 75.080 Petroleum products in general
75.100 Lubricants, industrial oils and related products (including mineral oils, fluids for metal working and for temporary protection against corrosion, see also 21.260 and 29.035.40)
Responsible TC/SC/WG: ASTM
Project Leader:
Current status: Withdrawn
Short description: This test method covers the determination of acidic or basic constituents (Note 1) in petroleum products and lubricants soluble or nearly soluble in mixtures of toluene and isopropyl alcohol. It is applicable for the determination of acids or bases whose dissociation constants in water are larger than 109; extremely weak acids or bases whose dissociation constants are smaller than 109 do not interfere. Salts react if their hydrolysis constants are larger than 109.
This test method can be used to indicate relative changes that occur in an oil during use under oxidizing conditions. Although the titration is made under definite equilibrium conditions, the method does not measure an absolute acidic or basic property that can be used to predict performance of an oil under service conditions. No general relationship between bearing corrosion and acid or base numbers is known.

Normative references:
Other related standards: ASTM D974:2011, ASTM D974:2007, GOST 31393:2009, ISO 6618:1997
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  10.20/NWIP 20.20/WD 30.20/CD 40.20/DIS 50.20/FDIS 60.60/IS
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Comments: 1) Revision of ASTM D974:2007. Revised as ASTM D974:2011.
2) GOST 31393:2009 is identical adoption of ASTM D974:2007.

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