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API MPMS 11.1:2004
Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards - Chapter 11 - Physical Properties Data - Section 1: Temperature and Pressure Volume Correction Factors for Generalized Crude Oils, Refined Products, and Lubricating Oils.

Classification: 75.080 Petroleum products in general
Responsible TC/SC/WG: API
Project Leader:
Current status: Active
Short description: This Standard provides the algorithm and implementation procedure for the correction of temperature and pressure effects on density and volume of liquid hydrocarbons which fall within the categories of crude oil, refined products, or lubricating oils; NGLs and LPGs are excluded from consideration in this Standard.
This document is distributed on CD-ROM in Portable Document Format (pdf). A utility program is included on the CD to allow users to calculate corrections for temperature and pressure effects and to print pages of correction factors for a user-defined range of temperature, pressure and density in both US Customary and Metric units of measure. The utility is used within a supported web browser and uses the Java language. Internet access is not required. (Printed tables are not available from either API or ASTM for this version of the Temperature And Pressure Volume Correction Factors For Generalized Crude Oils, Refined Products, and Lubricating Oils.)

Normative references:
Other related standards: API MPMS 11.1 Volume I:1980, API MPMS 11.1 Volume II:1980, API MPMS 11.1 Volume III:1980, API MPMS 11.1 Volume IV:1980, API MPMS 11.1 Volume V:1980, API MPMS 11.1 Volume VI:1980, API MPMS 11.1 Volume VII:1980, API MPMS 11.1 Volume VIII:1980, API MPMS 11.1 Volume X:1980, API MPMS 11.1 Volume XI/XII:1980, API MPMS 11.1 Volume XIII:1982, API MPMS 11.1 Volume XIV:1982, API MPMS 11.1 VCF Software:1998, API MPMS 11.1-C Language Source Code:1980, API MPMS 11.2.1:1984, API MPMS 11.2.1M:1984, ASTM D1250:2004, ASTM D1250:2008, IP 200:2004, ISO 91-1:1992, ISO 91-1
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Reference number: 0
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Revision and voting programme:
  10.20/NWIP 20.20/WD 30.20/CD 40.20/DIS 50.20/FDIS 60.60/IS
planned start            
actual start            
actual end           2004-09-01

Comments: 1) Supersedes API MPMS 11.1:1980 (all Volumes). This chapter also supersedes Chapters 11.2.1 and 11.2.1M.
Chapter 11.11980 has not been withdrawn, but superseded The Standards(s) should no longer be utilized on new applications.
This standard is to be utilized on all new applications.
2) Adjunct to ASTM D1250:2004 and IP 200:2004. Adopted by ISO as ISO 91-1.
3) Includes ADDENDUM 1: 9/2007. Addendum A2 will be published in 2014.

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