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API E5:1997
Environmental Guidance Document: Waste Management in Exploration and Production Operations. - 2nd edition.

Classification: 13.030 Wastes (Standards for industrial and agricultural wastes should be classified under sub -groups acoording to their type)
75.020 Extraction and processing of petroleum and natural gas
Responsible TC/SC/WG: API
Project Leader:
Current status: Active
Short description: Includes recommendations for the environmentally sound management of solid waste resulting from the exploration and production of oil and gas. Guidance is provided for the management of drilling fluids, produced waters, and other wastes associated with the operation of gas plants, field facilities, drilling, and workover. Pages: 84.

Normative references:
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Reference number: 6369
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Revision and voting programme:
  10.20/NWIP 20.20/WD 30.20/CD 40.20/DIS 50.20/FDIS 60.60/IS
planned start            
actual start            
actual end           1997-02-01

Comments: 1) In NCOC 2012 adoption plan as ST.

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