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API/IP Spec 1581:2002
Specifications and Qualification Procedures for Aviation Jet Fuel Filter/Separators. - 5th edition.

Classification: 75.200-50 Petroleum and natural gas distribution systems, petrol stations, dispensing devices, etc.
Responsible TC/SC/WG: API
Project Leader:
Current status: Active
Short description: This specification established the minimum performance and mechanical requirements and the testing and qualification procedures for aviation jet fuel filter/separators with flow rates ranging up to 9500 liters per minute (2400 gallons per minute). The specification also defines procedures to qualify filter/separators with and without multi-stages. The most significant amendment to the previous edition is the modification of the test fuel chemistries for Category C, M and M100 testing. This publication is an essential reference for all those involved in the supply of jet fuel to aircraft, and also those involved in the design, manufacture and supply of filter/ separator elements.
The main change included in this 5th edition of API/IP 1581 is to remove Petronate L from all the test chemistries. Testing has shown that products currently qualified to the 4th edition meet 5th edition requirements for the category tested so that re-qualification is not required. This read-across from the 4th to the 5th edition applies only to the category tested and does not reduce the performance requirements of products produced to this publication.

Normative references:
Other related standards: API/IP Spec 1582:2001, API/IP Spec 1581:2000, API Publ 1581:1989
Referenced in standards: Open the list

Reference number: 6300
Related documents:

Revision and voting programme:
  10.20/NWIP 20.20/WD 30.20/CD 40.20/DIS 50.20/FDIS 60.60/IS
planned start            
actual start            
actual end           2002-07-01

Comments: 1) Revision of API/IP Spec 1581:2000 and replaces API Publ 1581:1989.
2) With Addendum 2006-12-20.
3) Reaffirmed: February 15, 2008.

Products manufactured in conformance with this standard:

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Information updated on: 2009-01-17

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